Unser Team

Technisches Team – Softwareentwicklung und IT-Infrastruktur

Giacomo Sergio


Passions: music and technology
Motto: We care
Education: MSc in Telecommunication Engineering (University of Pisa)
Skill: Open source, Cloud, sviluppo software

Simone Bracaloni

Technical Director

Passions: sailing, hiking
: There might be already solution out there
: Degree in Electronic Engineering (University of Pisa)
Skill: DevOps, cloud, full stack developer

Luigi Fortunati

Senior Software Entwickler

Passions: music, movies, cooking
Motto: be direct
Education: Computer science master degree (University of Pisa)
Skill: Java full stack developer, IT Project Manager.

Davide Savio

Senior Software Entwickler

Passions: musica, hiking
Motto: A path with no obstacles, probably doesn’t lead anywhere
Education: Computer science degree (University of Pisa)
Skill: Full stack developer, cloud, DevOps

Alessio Vaccai

Senior Full-Stack Entwickler

Passions: musica, cucina, coding
Motto: Every problem is an opportunity
Education: Digital Humanistic Bachelor Degree (University of Pisa)
Skill: Front End Developing, Graphics, Google Cloud

Alberto Guida

Senior Software Engineer

Passions: music, anime, calisthenics
Motto: For every dark night, there’s a brighter day
Education: Computer Science Master Degree (University of Florence)
Skill: IT PM & Full Stack Developer

Patrick Travaglini

Junior Software Entwickler

Passions: coding, photography, music
Motto: Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out
Education: Electronics and Telecommunications (ITIS Pisa)
Skill: software development, Cloud.

Rosa Persiani

Junior Software Entwicklerin

Passions: cooking, crocheting, animals
Motto: technology must serve men and not men technology
Education: Informatics and Telecommunications (ITIS Livorno)
Skill: Software development and IT system administration.

Dalila Ben Nasr

Junior Software Entwicklerin

Passions: volleyball, animals
Motto: Declare variables. Not War.
Education: Informatics and Telecommunications (ITIS Livorno)
Skill: sviluppo software

Wondersys SRL - Andrea Rosi

Andrea Rosi

Junior Software Entwickler

Passions: sailing, nature, coffe
Motto: Sail fast, live slow
Education: Diploma Liceo scientifico (Liceo Carlo Cattaneo di Follonica)
Skill: Front End Development

Giuseppe Di Stefano

Junior Software Entwickler

Passions: music, cooking, sport
Motto: Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today
Education: Laurea in Computer Science (University of Pisa)
Skill: Flutter, Firebase

Quantitative Finance Team

Ahmad El Moussaoui

Junior Financial Software Entwickler

Passions: movies, nature, history
Motto: I used to be an adventurer, then I took an arrow in the knee
Education: MS Finance & BS Informatics Engineering
Skill: Finance and software development

Shadi Tarraf

Financial Pricing Analyst

Passions: music, cooking, sport, finance
Motto: What you choose to focus on becomes your reality
Education: Laurea in Economics and Finance & LM in Quantitative Finance
Skill: Data analysis, Pricing strategy

Qualitätsteam und Kundenbeziehungs-Team

Michele Lopardo

Quality Manager

Passions: coding, travelling, photography, individual sport
Motto: Carpe diem
Education: Mechanical Engineering Degree (University of Pisa)
Skill: planning, quality, privacy, software development

Sara Fiorelli

Marketing & Administration

Passions: reading, hiking
Motto: Nobody queues for a flat rollercoaster
Education: Economics and Finance Degree (University of Pisa)
Skill: Accounting, Sales, Administration

Enxhi Curcija

Accounting and Administration

Passions: music, travelling, cooking
Motto: Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit
Education: Economics , Banking and Finance Degree (University of Pisa)
Skill: Accounting, Administration

Betriebsteam: Netzwerkinfrastruktur und Automatisierung

Simone Sergio

Operation Manager

Passions: photography, boat, design
Motto: Building is beautiful
Education: Civil Engineering Degree (University of Pisa)
Skill: Installations, Cabling, Technical drawing, Graphic design, Team manager

Matteo Abitabile

Operations & support

Passions: movies and sport
Motto: Why not?
Education: Electronics and Robotics (ITIS Livorno)
Skill: Installations, cabling and software development

Andrea Brizzi

Operations & support

Passions: sport, music
Motto: You only live once
Education: Computer technician (ITIS Livorno)
Skill: Cabling & Installations

Alessandro Marzini

Operations and support

Passions: technology & philosophy
Motto: sometimes you win, all the other times you learn
Education: Liceo scientifico “F.Enriques”, Livorno
Skill: Sysadmin, security, cloud, VoIP

Wir vertrauen unseren Mitarbeitern

Unser größtes Kapital sind unsere Mitarbeiter, welche sich motiviert um die Probleme unserer Kunden sowie um einander kümmern. Sie haben eine Leidenschaft neue Lösungen zu finden und sind interessiert hierbei neuester Technologien zu verwenden. Besonders der Wille sich ständig weiterzuentwickeln und zu verbessern spiegelt den Wert unserer Mitarbeiter und der gesamten Firma wider und macht uns zum zuverlässigen Partner, um Ihre Ideen zum Leben zu erwecken.


The asset that I mostly appreciate in the collaboration with Wondersys is their typical European mentality in which I immediately found myself and which makes me feel at home. The entrepreneurial mentality that guides the growth of the company is modern, open to change, oriented to the continuous solution of customer problems, aware of their growth potential, attentive to creating the conditions for individuals and group development.

Luca Leonardini, TEDxLivorno

Our Institute has been using Wondersys IT services for more than a decade, in particular for realization of first-level university Masters in Ecumenical Theology and Interreligious Dialogue. A significant contribution was then offered to us when the pandemic broke out in February: thanks to the technical support of Wondersys we were able to offer training to all our students, not only those of the first level university masters, but also those enrolled in the License course. Everyone was able to attend and follow the courses from home, without losing even an hour of lessons.

fr. Stefano Cavalli, Istituto di Studi Ecumenici “San Bernardino”

The cooperation with Wondersys is characterized by mutual trust and great dedication in daily work. We particularly appreciate the transparency, detailed knowledge, great commitment and outstanding knowledge of the team when supporting us in operations and development activities. Wondersys contributes significantly to the quality of our offerings.

Martin Hellmich

Wondersys allowed us to have a software solution tailored to our needs. No other investment of mine ever paid off better. Wondersys team always did its job with dedication, working transversally in our company and understanding the different needs: we often discussed everything with them, always with big transparency, certain of their seriousness and confidentiality.

Antonio Rillosi, Extravega


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