Where we are: a European company based in Livorno

Close to our local and international customers

Wondersys is based in Livorno, the harbour of Tuscany. Always considered in its history a cosmopolitan and multicultural commercial node is located 20 km south from Pisa, center of one of the most important italian Universities (UniPi) and of the most important airport in Tuscany. #livorno2020 #tedxlivorno

Wondersys is close to its local and european customers either with a remote presence enabled by using the best collaboration tools or helping the customers directly on site.

Contact details

Address: Via Aurelio Lampredi, 45, 57121 Livorno, Italy

Tel: +39 0586 425860


Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm

VAT: 01598430492