Applications Development

App development

We develop together with our customers

We develop Ad-Hoc solutions for our customers tailored to their specific needs. We use Agile methodologies and we build the applications together with our customers, guaranteeing continuous improvement and fast reaction to changes.

We transparently share each step of the design and development phase, collaborating on secure online task management tools, guaranteeing transparency. In this way our customers can have a product that exactly satisfies their needs and can always be improved and change to adapt to changes.

We guide our customers in all software development phases, starting with the requirements collection and analysis and sharing transparently with the customer the status of the project through ticket management platforms.

A dedicated team is in charge of performing functional, performance and penetration tests guaranteeing a high quality level of the deliveries.

Modern web applications

Our application are cloud native and use microservices based architecture. This boost the scalability and maximizes flexibility allowing to grow without changing your applications.

Our team of UI/UX creatives and designers strictly collaborate with backend software engineers and software architects to guarantee the maximum/best user experience.

Integration with third party

We integrate our software with our customers’ third party applications in order to minimize the manual work.  Efficiency is one of our primary goals. That’s why we want to give users the ability to control everything from one single cockpit. We enable seamless data processing workflows through the integration with third party data providers using different channels (APIs, emails, ftp/sftp, shared folders, etc.). We enable the setup of automated transformation workflows to get external data directly in your applications. Thanks to that our customer will be able to work more efficiently saving time that today is spent in manual work and in managing different tools and platforms.

High-End Domotic and entertainment systems
Symphony Certified Partner

Domotic and entertainment systems

Symphony in an eco-sustainable, simple and interoperable open platform for the automation of residential buildings, hotels and office buildings. 

As Symphony certified partner we are involved in the design, installation, configuration and maintenance of this cutting edge system, in close collaboration with our partner Nextworks​.

We believe in technology

Technology helps solving problems and solving them faster. Allows building more efficient and more reliable processes. Technology enables automation, reducing repeating activities and giving us more time to concentrate on business and to create new solutions. Technology is a tool that opens new scenarios, new solutions, new views.




We design our applications, natively deployed on highly-available, natively redundant cloud infrastructures, to scale as your business grows. We follow twelve factor app best practices, the base to build modern, resilient, scalable, secure web apps. Multi-regional environment are created in order to ensure speed and resiliency. We work, together with the customers, at the analysis of the security and resiliency requirements documentation and we help them creating an IT business continuity plans in order to ensure that their systems are in line with their business and regulation requirements. We carry on documented daily controls, monitoring activities and regular tests in line with the state of the art security and business continuity recommendations.

Pricing platforms and process automation with Big Data, AI and ML

Wondersys has more than 10 years experience in developing software for the financial sector, building application for the portfolio management, the pricing of financial instruments, the extraction and transformation of data. We use the power of Big Data solutions to allow the cross-analysis of huge amount of data coming from heterogeneous sources. We reduce manual work and create new fully automated workflows using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques. Our integrated quality and data protection system have been specifically certified by Kiwa Cermet Italia S.p.A. according to the ISO-9001:2015 standard and according to the UNI/PdR 43:201 in the field of pricing of financial instruments.

“The cooperation with Wondersys is characterized by mutual trust and great dedication in daily work. We particularly appreciate the transparency, detailed knowledge, great commitment and outstanding knowledge of the team when supporting us in operations and development activities. Wondersys contributes significantly to the quality of our offerings.”

Martin Hellmich

“Wondersys is our strategic partner with whom we have been working and growing in a trusting cooperation for more than 12 years. Wondersys is in charge of hosting our IT infrastructure and helps our clients and us with smart, individual, flexible and highly scalable IT solutions and supports us on topics such as data management, IT security as well as automation and the development of our processes.

Working with Wondersys allows us to focus on our core business and thereby offer our customers the best possible services. Together with Wondersys we are able to develop new products for our clients while constantly expanding our business.”

Björn Schuck, AVS-Valuation GmbH

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