Remote collaboration and distance learning

We believe technology + people = a better world

Only when the power of the technology meets the value of people the world will get a benefit. Technologies are tools that enable people to reinvent the world. Enabling technologies impact is disruptive for the whole society. The impact of today enabling technologies (micro-electronic, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning) gives even a faster acceleration than other enabling technologies in the past.

We do our part in creating a better world and thanks to digital technologies and our passion we boost your ideas.

Remote collaboration

All in one place remote collaboration with Google Workspace

Whether your team is distributed in different offices or on the move. Whether you invested in mobile devices and you want to protect them together with the data they have access to. Whether your collaborators manage repetitive tasks or need more flexibility. Google Workspace answers to these needs and more.

Wondersys can guide you in this process and further on, understanding your needs, assisting your company and employees and finding your ways to work better.

Employees collaboration, interaction with customers, management of your company devices, tools and software that don’t talk to each other: these are common struggles for any business. Choosing the right solution is crucial for your company productivity, as well as when it comes to security and to your collaborators’ comfort.

We will integrate applications in use to your company, or developed ad-hoc to cover specific processes, into Google Workspace for a smooth usage experience. 

With the help of these secure, modern and powerful tools, all in one place, you only have to concentrate on your business.

Hardware solutions

Do you want your conference room to be easily usable, integrated and ready to use?

We select and install hardware video-conferencing solutions to be seamlessly integrated within/that work seamlessly with Google Workspace for your meeting and conference rooms.

Rec2Share is our answer to create hybrid on-site/remote scenarios: it is dedicated to schools, training and conferencing contexts.

Google Workspace for Education

Are you still looking for a solution to manage classes and staff from remote? Google Workspace for Education is the suite of free and secure tools from Google, dedicated to education. Schools can collaborate, communicate and organize their tasks with no effort, while keeping their data safe.

We help schools and education institutions to adopt these tools and transform the way they work.

The collaboration with Wondersys has been fundamental for the success of our project. Their support allowed us to stream live three important events such as TEDxLivorno, TEDxLivornoSalon and TEDxLivornoWomen: thanks to Wondersys over a thousand people who had not been able to find tickets were able to follow our events online.

Luca Leonardini, TEDxLivorno

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