Google Cloud

Google Cloud, Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Education

Google is since many years no more only a search engine. It now provides email and collaboration tools for businesses, Cloud architecture, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, maps search and much more.

We are Google Cloud Partners for the products Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace for Education. Our Google certified team assist companies in changing their ways of work, at their own pace, by creating an integrated simple digital work environment.

You can find us here: Wondersys Google Cloud Partner


Iubenda: sites and apps compliant with the law

If you want your web application and web server to be compliant to regulations and transparent with your users but you want to concentrate on your business Iubenda is the right solution for you. A team of attorney at Iubenda are taking care of keeping Privacy and Cookies policies compliant with the law. You can easily collect consent from your users without reinventing the will.

If you are looking for a Iubenda certified partner, reselling you the Iubenda solution and guiding you in the process of integrating Iubenda in your web application or your web server, than we are the right partner.


Kaspersky: centralised security solution

If you are looking for a centralised solution for secure your company devices, desktop, laptop, mobile phones and tablets the Kaspersky security solutions are what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a Kaspersky partner, guiding you in choosing the right solution for you, helping you with the installation and configuration, then we are the right partner for you.”


AIUTO DSA / WETUTOR: remote collaboration platform

Are you a tutor or a trainer? Do you want to manage multiple students by being able to switch from group to individual mode with a single click?

With AppWeTutor you can organize parallel sessions, have a room for each student with a multimedia whiteboard for each of them, where you can share content, the screen, tests, stream videos and much more.

And if you are a learning tutor, you can collaborate with our partner AIUTO DSA joining the CompitiAmo® program. Contact us here:


Sophos: cybersecurity evolved

None of your business areas is free from the chance of undergoing a cyber attack. Sophos solutions fit every organization and protect all of the organization’s devices – mobile or not – and servers. Multi-Cloud environments are always more frequent: Sophos products secure the organization’s cloud infrastructure on AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.  

Wondersys is Sophos partner: contact us if you are worried that your infrastructure of your collaborators’ devices are not sufficiently protected. Submit this module to start a free trial.

“When the pandemic broke out, we risked no longer being able to give adequate support to our students. To get out of it, we needed two things: a video collaboration solution with special features and, even more important, a partner who believed deeply in it and who embraced the socio-educational project.
Wondersys accompanied us step by step in the realization of our project and then transformed it into a platform that will be useful to many other organizations and of great help to students.”

Antonia Frustagli, Presidente di A.I.U.T.O. DSA (Associazione Italiana Unione Tutor Operatori DSA)