IT Infrastructures


Substituting hardware or servers of your company may lead to huge expenses. Not only, as security and robustness are a primary concern nowadays, your infrastructure must be able to protect your company data from threats, even those you have never heard about.

Moving to the Cloud can help you save money by optimizing your spending as your business grows. Security of a global infrastructures will offer your company data the protection you want. We have been working for years on all the 3 major platforms – AWS, GCP and Azure – that offer all of what said above and much more.

When migrating to the Cloud, several aspects must be considered: as cloud infrastructures experts, we analyse customer’s needs and challenges and design their cloud infrastructures to match security, resiliency and scalability requirements.

Our DevOps team help you creating CI/CD processes: maintenance of your systems won’t be a heavy task anymore.

Hardware on premise

Some companies need to run their services in a private infrastructure: we offer our support from designing to maintaining servers and network infrastructure. Continuity of business is assured by high-availability solutions and monitoring platforms.

We make the most of open source frameworks as Kubernetes to build on premise scalable, flexible and cloud ready infrastructure.

We host solutions on our on premises or we offer our support to build and maintain IT infrastructures at customers’ premises.

Google Partnership

Out long-lasting Partnership with Google allows us to offer globally used solutions. Our role is to guide our customers to adoption and integration with other software used.

We are reseller of the Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace collaboration suite and of the Google for Education platforms.

With us you can develop applications that fits your specific needs exploiting the power of the Google network and services.

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