A GCP based microservice architecture

Exploiting the power of a GCP based microservice architecture


AVS-Valuation is a leading, independent service provider for valuation and risk management solutions based on scientific frameworks. Founded in 2010, AVS gained a successful track record in the valuation of financial instruments. The delivery is performed through different channels and based on an internally developed platform resting on GCP.

The project lasted two years. Wondersys was in charge of the Software and Cloud infrastructure architecture design and implementation. Legacy applications were redesigned thanks to Wondersys work. After the project was sent into production, Wonderys is taking care of the platform monitoring and maintenance.

The challenge

AVS wanted to migrate a legacy financial application running on premise and extended by a set of Microsoft Excel based macros into the cloud. The main goal was to automate manual processes and reduce manual interaction. AVS aimed at improving the overall flexibility and scalability of the application, enhancing the availability, resiliency and monitoring to quickly react to issues.

The solution

By abandoning the old monolithic approach the application gained automation and flexibility: VBA macros were converted to Cloud Functions, triggered by Storage buckets and Cloud scheduler events and HTTPs calls. Angular and Firestore, and Google Chat Bot integration, enhanced the application UX. Better Monitoring and control were achieved with Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Alert.

The result

The new setup successfully reduced human work: manual interaction is now needed only to set up new configurations and handle not compliant data. The integrated logging improved the overall auditing capabilities and the possibility to trigger immediately the IT and Business support teams. The GCP microservice based architecture allows scalability by removing the VBA based solution bottle-neck.

“AVS-Valuation tries to help their customers in an uncomplicated way in order for them to grow where other providers would have prevented this with their prices. The shift to GCP strengthened the flexibility and processes, optimized costs and obtained higher scalability.”

Björn Schuck, Managing Partner, AVS-Valuation GmbH