The launch of Google Workspace new editions generated a bit of a chaos both for current customers of the “old” G Suite and for new users which are about to choose it. As Google Cloud Parners, the questions we have been asked concern above all the choice of the Google Workspace edition and which are the differences in the applications.

Our goal today is to clear up a bit in order to orient ourselves in the change announced by Google last month. We tried to list the main features and characteristics of the different editions. We invite you to ask for a free consultation so that we can identify the features that your company cannot miss and the correct edition to choose.


Two families: Business and Enterprise

Google addresses the organizations with a new offer divided into two large families: Business and Enterprise. In both families we find different editions: starting from a quite simple plan, higher editions have more advanced apps features and possibilities.

Business plans are three:

  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Plus

The first main difference between the two families is the domain users number: for organizations over 300 users it is necessary to choose among the Enterprise editions. Beyond this distinction, which is mainly commercial, let us analyse the principal peculiarities of the plans.



One of the primary differences between the several editions is the storage capacity that each user and the domain as a whole have. 

The starting point is the 30 GB per user storage in Business Starter edition. It is nowadays very common to have many years of work in our mail inbox: this storage is a strong limitation for many companies, unless you want to cancel or export and archive old emails, as we used to years ago. The potential of Gmail is to have at hand a history of communication without having to manage it. So, why shall we go back? Furthermore the 30 Gb storage is shared with Drive and Photos so it must be taken into account that Gmail storage could be reduced by storing other types of content.

Business Standard edition offers 2 TB per users, while Business Plus offert 5 TB per users: these amounts are multiplied for the number of users and put at disposal of the whole organization domain, thanks to Shared Drives as well. Attention: even if the total of storage would allow, it is not possible to assign to a single user an amount of storage over 2 or 5 TB. 

Instead, if you need unlimited storage for your business, this is available for Enterprise Standard and Plus editions. Store as much as you need!


Meet participants

As we saw in one of the past newsletters, video calls now take a considerable amount of time in our working day. Google in the last months introduced several features that were made for long available to users for free.

With the launch of Google Workspace, one of the peculiarities helping us to determine which edition fits our organization is the number of Meet participants. This number increases, starting from 100 participants in Business Starter edition, to 150 in Business Standard, to 250 in Business Plus and Enterprise editions.

In the last case the organization has as well the chance of organizing in-domain Live streaming open to a very large number of viewers. Let’s thnk about a company of 250 employees or more that needs to make an announcement or share a video with all employees: Live streaming answers this requirement.


To the next update

With this article we hope to have provided a useful summary to our customers and to those interested in adopting Google Workspace.

We are working to identify the best solution for each of our customers. We wait for any comment and any suggestions for other topics to deepen in the next newsletters dedicated to Google Workspace.


See you next time!

Sara Fiorelli

Marketing & Customer Relationship @Wondersys Srl