What does service monitoring mean?

Is that enough to consider the number of features, lack of bugs and reliability in order to determine the quality and level of a service? We do believe that it is important as well for the provider to be able to instantly react to service unavailability, transparently share information to customers and, in the end, collect and use the information to improve service level, increase system robustness and be ready to react to new critical situations originating from software or hardware problems or from issues connected to services from one’s own providers.


For this reason, it is essential to implement monitoring systems capable of keeping under control, at any level, determined critical parameters, informing as quickly as possible maintenance and IT personnel and initiating disaster recovery procedures.


Not less important, when speaking about service quality, is measurability. As an example, let us aim at improving the performances of a company website or an application. Our first step would be to define the starting point by measuring it in order then to decide what our target objectives are. We would therefore establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and set up a system able to evaluate them in a constant and efficient way. Monitoring systems offer tools specifically created to track in time the reference indicators, such as the latency of a website or its global availability.


What instruments?

Tools such as Google Operations, Amazon Cloudwatch or Azure Monitor help Cloud developers in controlling the performances of applications, so that they can promptly react to critical situations (e.g. a virtual machine’s disk space or an application failure).


Of core importance are, as well, the monitoring the Cloud infrastructure itself and the transparency of information shared by the provider: this allows to accomplish as soon as possible all of those procedures for analysis of criticalities and to set up the necessary action for business continuity.


What do we do?

In addition to monitoring our applications and Cloud components used, we constantly observe dashboards from Google (Google Cloud Status Dashboard, G Suite status dashboard e Google Firebase status dashboard) and AWS  (AWS Service Health Dashboard) so that to identify right away critical situations that may occur, consequently act and inform our customers.


When a specific intervention is needed, actions related to monitoring are integrated with incident reporting, so as to keep track of occurred problems and their solutions.


Consistently with the continuous improvement process in Wondersys and in the offering of our services and applications, we will keep on developing and perfecting our monitoring and analysis of criticalities systems in order to guarantee quality, transparency and efficiency.


Want to know more?

Have doubts about the resiliency or your applications? Want to check if your company as well needs a monitoring system? Contact us to examine your situation together.